Touchdown Fort Atkinson

The Fort Atkinson Varsity Football Team takes on the spring season

Angela Unate, Staff Writer

The Fort Atkinson Football Team defeating Beaver Dam in their final game of the season.

The Fort Atkinson Varsity Football Team came back better than ever securing their first win in 2 years.   However, this win didn’t come without hard work and dedication.  Players gathered for practices throughout the offseason to prepare, and many participated in other sports or weight lifting to keep in shape.  

Even though COVID forced the traditionally fall sport into the spring, players remained flexible and maintained positive attitudes.  “Our mentality for this alternate spring season is to always be prepared to compete no matter what, even if our schedule needs to change,” says head coach Nick Nelson, and that’s exactly what the players did. 

In their season opener, the team came out ready to compete, defeating the Milton Redhawks 20-7.  Junior, Mason Brandl, describes this game as a “turning point” that the team has been working towards for the past few years.  Brandl says, “We played with the attitude that we were gonna take it to them and we didn’t let up. We truly adopted this mentality this year and I have to give a lot of credit to the coaches for installing that in us.”  Additionally, after this win, the football team was voted WSN Spring Football Team of the Week.

The hard work and determination continued at practice.  However, following their second game against Waunakee, the team was forced to quarantine due to a positive COVID case.  The team was unable to compete in two of their games during this quarantine, one of which being their senior night game.  Despite this setback, the team maintained the same positive mentality when returning to practice.  

In the Blackhawk’s final game, they defeated Beaver Dam 28-21, ending the season with a record of 2 wins and 1 loss.  With a positive end to this season, the players are especially motivated to come back and play right away in the fall.

Although COVID-19 changed the structure of the season for the Fort Atkinson Blackhawks, the team never let it interfere with their hard work and positive mindsets.  The team finally broke the streak and defeated two teams, ultimately helping pave the way for those who follow.