Jessica Sharp Receives National Gold Medal Art Award


“Junior, Jessica Sharp has recently received one of the highest Art awards that is attainable at the high school level which is the National Gold Medal.

¨This award means a whole lot to me.  I never thought that I would receive an award like this.  A few of my pieces from 9th and 10th grade went to the national level to be judged, but I couldn’t even imagine being picked to receive a Gold Medal.  When I saw that I won this award, my heart was racing because I was so excited.  I was extremely proud of myself, and I was proud of the amazing art program here at FAHS that made receiving this award possible,” states Junior, Jessica Sharp. 

Jessica Sharp received the National Gold Medal in the 2021 Scholastic Art and Writing award. She was notified in the middle of March that she received this award. There will be a virtual ceremony on June 9th.  Winning this award is an astonishing feat.

¨Anyone in grades 7-12 who received a Gold Key award at the regional level for the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards is eligible to receive a national medal,¨ comments, Sharp. She goes on to credit High School Art instructors Angie Szabo and Frank Korb. None of this would be possible without the awesome art department that we have here at the high school,¨shared Junior, says Sharp.

 The future is not set in stone yet. ¨I am not sure at the moment, but it is a real possibility. When I go to college, I will probably double major in Art and another major that I have yet to decide on. I would love to make art part of my career someday, but I don’t have any set plans for the future as of now,¨ comments, Sharp. 

Title: Snail Teapot