Fighting for a Title

Jacob Horvatins path to success during the 2020-2021 Fort Atkinson wrestling season

Angela Unate, Staff Writer

Jacob Horvatin taking his opponent down.

Year-round dedication displayed by Fort Atkinson Blackhawk senior, Jacob Horvatin, secured him a run at a state title.  Even with COVID making offseason training more challenging than ever, Horvatin still found a way to better himself and his teammates.

‌“I am not about doing things just to do them, I do things to succeed.¨ says Horvatin.  This mentality, along with an offseason influenced by lockdown, allowed Horvatin to excel greatly. Spending countless hours in the weight room, and wrestling room located in his own house, Horvatin went above and beyond to ensure a spot at state.  

Not only did Horvatin make it to the Division 1 State Wrestling Tournament, but he dominated the entire 2020-2021 Fort Atkinson High School season as well.  Horvatin remained undefeated throughout the whole regular season, all while pushing his teammates to succeed.  ¨We’re a brotherhood, like if you mess with one of us you get all of us,¨ says Horvatin. ¨We look out for our own and are very competitive about business.”  The drive to push his teammates ultimately furthered Horvatin in his wrestling career and was reciprocated by many of the other wrestlers, especially fellow seniors, Eli Koehler and Thomas Witkins.  Although their season ended at sectionals, they continued to attend daily practices to prepare Horvatin for the state tournament.

Even though COVID presented troubles, Horvatin pushed through.  He didn’t let any of the new rules or regulations get in the way.  Horvatin describes the mentality that got him through the struggles of this season stating, “My favorite part about competing is winning,” says Horvatin. “I don’t go for participation trophies I go to show that I’m one of the best at what I do.”  This mentality got him through the struggles of the season and allowed him to achieve his goals.

Horvatins offseason determination paved a path toward success in his final season as a Fort Atkinson Blackhawk wrestler. Horvatin played a large role under his 4 years as a Blackhawk wrestler. He impacted the program and his teammates as a whole, and he leaves large shoes to fill next November.