State of Snow Days

Snow days may be heading towards extinction in the near future.

Katrina Duncan, Staff Writer

With the introduction of online learning, snow days may be completely out of the picture in the future.

I don’t think snow days will be as prominent simply because there is the option for virtual school,” says Ms. Cynthia Meyer, Algebra teacher at Fort Atkinson High School. Virtual school has been explored due to Covid-19 and now snow days will possibly lose their charm.

Snow days used to be a huge cause of joy to many kids. It would signal a day off of school for fun in the snow or sleeping in. Now with virtual school taking a hold everywhere, snow days may lose that joy and charm they once had. There may still be hope for snow days even with the option of Zoom and online learning, schools may just choose a different approach to snow days.

“I see them working similar to how our district is currently handling them. If the weather is predicted to be severe early enough for the district to make the choice and notify students/families by 3pm, then school will still be held on that “snow day”. If it’s a last minute call and families haven’t been notified ahead of time, then there’s no school that day. If the internet goes down because of the weather, then it will still be a “snow day,” says Meyer. Our school is handling it in a way many schools may try as well. Now only time will tell how it will work for others. Snow days might become less prominent even if they still stay in the picture, depending on how often they can catch the weather before the next day.

“Times are changing so it wouldn’t surprise me if that tradition slowly disappears. It’s one, though, that I think would be sadly missed. Snow days are a chance for people to get outside in the fresh air, experience nature, have fun, stop and smell the roses, etc., instead of being in front of a screen constantly moving forward. I also know, though, that there are many students who would still choose to be in front of a screen instead of being outside. Maybe that’s partially why snow days might disappear more rapidly now that we can have school on screens,” says Meyer. 

Snow days being handled differently is only one small change in a large time of change. It will definitely be interesting to see where different schools and districts will take snow days.