Order on the Court

Girls' Volleyball Attacks the Season

This year’s Girls Volleyball season has been one like no other, but it has pushed the FAHS Girls Volleyball team to grow in more ways than one.

The FAHS Girls Varsity Volleyball team poses for a picture a few hours before the beginning of Senior Night!

Senior Emma Manns states, ¨We have improved our communication and court presence. In the beginning, we were very quiet and confused, but now we are working well with each other and are much louder on the court.¨

Girls Volleyball along with, Boys Volleyball, and Football are the few sports whose regular fall season was pushed back until later in the school year due to the Corna Virus. Due to the season being pushed back it resulted in a much shorter season which caused everything to be more fast paced and more intense than in previous years. The Girls only had a couple weeks of practice before it was game time. But the change in pace did not stop the girls from putting everything that they had into their practices and games. As of March 26, 2021 the girls volleyball team has won 6 of their games and lost 1. The dedication the players have put into this season has not gone unnoticed and has done great things for their team.

The team aspect also has played a role in the girls season, Sophomore Alyssa Heagney Says, ¨Communication and connection was something that we were lacking in the beginning, but I feel that over these last couple weeks that we have all gotten to know each other better and are working well as a team.  We can all joke around with each other and everyone is very supportive.¨

Another obstacle the girls volleyball faced this year was playing with no fans. The support and cheers of fellow students is something that the girls have always had and appreciated. Heagney says, ¨It is definitely different to say the least. I miss the cheers and the energy that we used to feed off of, but we’re making due without them.¨ Although  the lack of fans caused games to be much different for the girls they were able to work their way around it and became each other’s number one supporters.

Manns says, ¨Playing the sport I love with a bunch of friends is always a fun time. They all are super supportive and work so hard, we all have great chemistry on and off the court. I know I’ll miss them all next year in college.¨ As the season begins to wrap up athletes are able to look back fondly on all the accomplishments they were able to achieve and all the friendships they were able to create this season.

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