Back and Better Than Ever

Boys Soccer Finally Gets the Season They Missed in the Fall

April 30, 2021

A team that can laugh and have fun while still being successful is a team that will withstand the greatest of challenges. Boys soccer is exactly this. A closely intertwined group of young men who laugh and enjoy each other’s company find a great deal of success on the field. While simultaneously fighting the many battles COVID-19 has to offer. 

Henry Olmos spotlighted his incredible soccer talents in his senior photos, captured by TJK Wolf Productions.

The boys are working hard to prepare for a competitive season. Head varsity coach, Coach Lovejoy, and assistant coaches Martin and Dugara, along with the head JV coach, Coach Larson, and assistant, Coach Paige have been sustaining a steady migration into the official season that will start in April. Some strategies used to keep the group of boys in shape, and game ready are in abundance. Aiden Worden, a sophomore on varsity, gives us an inside look at how they are preparing; “Coaches Dugara and Martin have helped us a lot. They run drills at practice and keep us motivated during them. Coach Lovejoy has made it possible for us to practice at the high school on Sundays and Mondays. He also sets up all the drills and compliments us when we play. Coach Paige has helped significantly with our keepers and training them to be as ready as possible.” The boys have done an excellent job staying motivated and doing their part to get better.

Their time in the gym and on the field where they strengthen their agility, dribbling, passing, and scoring skills is not the only thing that will lead them to a path of success this season. Scott Buchta, a junior on varsity believes a huge part of their accomplishments come from the bonds that exist between all of the boys. “I think that the relationships we have with each other is the main reason we are staying motivated during these times.  We play for each other on this team and have expectations for each other no matter what happens,” says Buchta. The experience in which a smile spreads on a face, and laughter is shed while doing something enjoyable is a rare thing. For the boys to possess such rarities is salient for good performance. 

Not only is the bond between players a crucial aspect for success, but the foundation the program sets for itself plays an important role as well. Buchta stresses the importance of a diverse range of players seen on varsity this year, that will serve as an asset not only this season but future seasons as well. “Our team is mostly filled with seniors, juniors, and a couple of sophomores that already have varsity experience. We have big expectations this year,” Buchta says. Coach Lovejoy allowing the opportunity for young players to get varsity experience holds great deals of significance regarding preparing the team for future success. However, seniors do not go unnoticed. The team consists of multiple seniors that play a large role in the team’s past winning records. They provide leadership, and diverse skill sets and a lot of younger players are able to learn from them. They are viewed as role models, for many of the younger players know their shoes must be filled when the time comes. 

The boys’ soccer team is ecstatic that they will get the opportunity to begin playing again. They are in the midst of preparing themselves for a quick season ahead. They thrust themselves forward against the tide of obstacles, and stay working hard to reach success. The varsity and JV teams hold a lot of promise and they, along with their wide fan base, are excited to see what they can accomplish.

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