Fort Atkinson High School Welcomes New Teachers


Fort Atkinson High School welcomes new teachers to the building for the 2020-2021 school year. This year, FAHS welcomes Michael Quesnell – Business teacher, Nathan Feeney- English teacher, Leah McKelvey- Family and Consumer Education teacher, Allison Parsons-Agriculture teacher, Brian Zachgo-Science teacher, Danelle Anderson-At Risk Coordinator, Natalie Elfering- Tech Ed teacher, and Susanne Maroske-World Languages German teacher.

¨Fort Atkinson is a unique community, I wanted to be a part of a community that is proud of their schools,¨ says high school business teacher, Micheal Quesnell. Becoming a part of the Fort Atkinson High School staff is an exciting adventure for new teachers entering the building.

The 2020-2021 school year is bound to be one for the books. The new teachers had a lot to prepare for before the first day of school, September 3, 2020, considering the added challenges of the world’s current social climate. This year would be different from years past, but this did not stop the hard work and dedication to creating a safe learning environment for students. These teachers were faced with the challenge of teaching both in-person and online students simultaneously while diving into unknown territory. 

“Being a student teacher here last year has really made the transition much smoother this year,” states high school English teacher, Nathan Feeney. Last year, Mr. Feeney student taught for Mrs. Newbury here at FAHS in the English department. This made his transition much easier having already formed some relationships within his department. When asked if it has helped knowing students prior to this year, Mr. Feeney states, ¨Knowing some of the students previously has been a huge asset while forming relationships virtually.” 

“Building relationships has been much harder while switching to virtual.” says high school business teacher, Mr. Quesnell. Students much like teachers thrive off of relationships with others. Going virtual just weeks after reopening has strained the relationship-building process for teachers and students alike.

While many Spring 2020 college graduates have taken a year away off before jumping into the education world, that was not the case for Mr. Feeney. When asked if he made the right decision on beginning his career as a teacher this year, Mr. Feeney notes, “Yes, I wanted to hit the ground running. I wanted to be part of the solution. I wanted to help students.”

Even though this year has had a significant turn of events, these teachers are ensuring that the students have a successful school year. 



Quinn Abbott

Signal Staff Writer

Nathan Feeney- English teacher to the building
Michael Quesnell – Business teacher