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Fort Students Share Their Favorite Holiday Songs

Karmyn Gross, Staff Writer

What draws you to Christmas music? I asked people what they thought about the different types of Christmas music. 

¨I love listening to Christmas music because It brings that Christmas spirit says freshman Natalie Krueger.  ¨Just listen to Christmas music starting in late November. I got into the spirit of listening to Christmas music about every day or every other day.¨

During the month of December and late November, people started getting into Christmas mode.  People will be driving around listening to music in the car and signing with their friends. With this year being different with Covid-19 people are just trying to make the most of the time that they have and make it valuable.  ¨My favorite Christmas song is All I Want For Christmas Is You¨ says junior Avery Winkelman. 

¨My favorite Christmas song is ¨Like It’s Christmas¨ by the Jonas Brothers, says junior Nevaeh Smith. It is my favorite because I need to get into the holiday spirit that is my go-to song. 

50% of the people said that their favorite Christmas song is ¨All I Want For Christmas Is you.¨ 25% said that it was ¨Jingle Bells Rock.¨ The other 25% said that their favorite is ¨Santa Baby¨. ¨My favorite is ¨All I Want For Christmas Is You¨ because it is one of the songs that I actually know and jam out to¨,¨says junior, Makayla Krueger.

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¨I just love the sound of Christmas music¨,¨ it brings so much joy to me,¨ says freshman, Natalie  Krueger. She goes on to explain that  ¨I think if you don’t celebrate Christmas you are not going to listen to Christmas music because you aren’t going to want to get into the mood.¨ CSFOTO Polyester 7x5ft Winter Backdrop Winter Forest Ice and Snow World Theme Baby Shower Banner Snow Scene Background for Photography Kids Adults Photo Wallpaper: Electronics