Teen Workers Take On Covid-19

How Is Covid-19 Affecting Teen Essential Workers?


As the coronavirus pandemic has hit teen workers the most and are now becoming the backbone of the essential worker workforce (Autumn Parry/The Washington Post).

Gabrielle Morales, Biz and Tech Editor

Anyone who has worked in the customer service industry knows just how taxing it can be, now with the world facing a global pandemic the customer service industry has a whole new set of challenges.

In my experience I’d say the changes aren’t really what I would have thought to be happening a year ago, I can’t enter the building without a mask and I spend most of my workday behind a sheet of plexiglass. In terms of dealing with these accommodations I’d have to say that it’s definitely one of those things that you hope goes back to normal, but when we’re this far how is anything really supposed to resemble normal anymore?” says senior, Festival Cashier, Breanna Lurvey.

Teen workers have continued to work since the beginning of the pandemic to the current escalation of it throughout Wisconsin. Deemed essential workers teens working in customer services are faced with all sorts of new challenges. From new cleaning precautions to anti-maskers, teens are risking their health for their job. As teens try to prepare financially for adulthood the pandemic makes working with so many people on the daily more complicated than it once was. 

With changes I really just wish that some people would understand the severity of everything, there’s those who come in without a mask and will still cough all over the place, or take into consideration the amount of work that is being done by essential workers to make their “essential” tasks even possible in these times” says Lurvey.

From plexiglass to unbelievable amounts of bleach, teen essential workers are going to new heights to keep everyone, including themselves as safe as possible during this time. Customers unwilling to comply put teens in a difficult situation of fearing for their health while trying to keep customers happy. “I wish to see more people just wearing their mask before they come in, not waiting to be asked to put it on” says senior, Calvin Klein Cashier, Kaylee Harter. 

The pandemic has flipped the world upside down and trying to do what’s best and safest for everyone should be the top priority. Essential workers are doing their most to make sure people can get the services they want and need safely and efficiently. People also have a responsibility to not make it anymore difficult for the workers.