Fort Holiday Parade Canceled

The Fort Atkinson Parade has been cancelled due to Covid-19.

Katrina Duncan, Staff Writer

Due to Covid-19, the Fort Atkinson 2020 holiday parade was canceled and people all around town were disappointed by this cancellation.

Christmas is such a special time of the year and for our employees, we look forward to getting in the spirit by decorating our truck. I always looked forward to driving it in the parade. It is so special to see the citizens of Fort Atkinson, who line main street and help bring the feeling and cheer of Christmas to our community,” said Darryl Falk, an

Crown of Life Schools help light up the route during the 2020 Holiday Parade. (Tiffany Rahn)

employee of W&A Distributions. The cancellation has really dimmed down the Holiday spirit for many people. People working on the floats and people planning on driving and being a part of the parade were already working on preparations for the parade.

The parade on main street is a yearly tradition around the holidays for Fort Atkinson. With its cancellation, many children and families were left in disappointment about something that could well have been a yearly event to attend for them.  Due to Covid-19, the parade was canceled and many people got it, but are still fairly disappointed. With a large-scale parade, if people in contact with Covid had come in contact with others it would spread widely throughout the Fort Atkinson community.

“I really don’t know how they could have made it more Covid friendly. It’s a parade. Those are designed to be mass groups of people sitting together. A virtual parade isn’t really the same thing. I think in all honesty, planning for an amazing parade in 2021 will be the best way to salvage missing it in 2020. Make missing one year totally worth the wait,” said Jennifer Ertman, 4k teacher at Crown of Life School. The parade being a large stretch of Main street would most definitely be some sort of hazard for the people of Fort Atkinson, even with being outside, everyone would have been in close proximity.

“I think we could have salvaged the event by only having floats in the parade and televising it on the local cable channel. However, I believe that the Chamber of Commerce made the best decision for the safety of all to cancel the parade,” said Falk. This last year could have been better, but if the people are safe and keeping to rules this will be done and over with faster.