The Best Hot Cocoa to the Worst

Gabrielle Morales, Biz and Tech Editor

Abuelita can be described as nothing less than the best hot cocoa there is considering it’s low price, great taste, and simplicity. (Amazon)

Hot cocoa warms up everyone’s insides but the wrong kind will leave a bad taste in one’s mouth. Knowing which ones are easy and practical versus the ones nobody should ever buy is vital information for the upcoming cold weather.

Abuelita: The Best

Abuelita is authentic Mexican hot cocoa that can be found at most common grocery stores. Rather than coming in powder form the chocolate comes in tablets meant to be dissolved in hot milk. Not only is the flavor rich and sweet it’s also inexpensive and yields  many servings.

Swiss Miss: Milk Chocolate

Swiss Miss: Milk Chocolate is definitely the best practical hot cocoa mix. It’s sweet, creamy, and very simple to make. It can be made in the microwave with just water and the hot cocoa powder and be ready to be served in just a few minutes.

Swiss Miss: Reduced Calorie

The Swiss Miss: Milk Chocolate is a hit but when the company tried to sell the consumers the reduced calorie version nobody was having it. The attempt to reduce the calories sadly lost all the sweet flavor in the process.

Starbucks Classic Hot Cocoa Mix: The Worst

To put it simply,  the equivalent to trying Starbucks Classic Hot Cocoa Mix is drinking hot water and immediately swallowing dark hot cocoa powder. It’s not the most pleasant experience to say the least.

Swiss Miss is known for its relatively nice tasting instant hot cocoa mix, especially, the milk chocolate mix.