Mulan: The World’s Most Beautiful Letdown

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The original Mulan holds a special place in many people’s hearts. With the basis of female empowerment, this movie shows that women can do anything they put their minds to. When this new version was released, fans were left speechless on the things that Disney seemed to leave out. 

The movie removed one of the most prized characters, Mushu, who played a viable role in the original movie. Leaving out one of the most memorable characters was just one of the many mistakes the makers of this film made. 

Disney is also under fire because of claims that they filmed the movie in Xinjiang, China. According to multiple sources, it is said that close to 1 million Muslims are being detained there in Muslim detention camps.  This has resulted in major backlash considering the huge violation of basic human rights. This could be one of the big reasons that this movie only got 2.7 stars on Google. 

Although the movie still follows the same plot structure as the original, thousands of people are unhappy with the outcome of this movie. Whether it be the casting, music, or just minor changes to the plot, this movie has many issues people are truly angry about.