Teens Dealing with Depression

Teens can go through almost the entirety of their school life and even their whole lives dealing with depression

Walking through school, having no hope, and hoping things will get better through the day, can be very common for teens and they shouldn’t have to go through school and life feeling like this.

“I have struggled with depression. I did it alone for a while and it is a battle every day,” said Alexis Veenhuis, grade 9. Going through depression alone can take a lot out of a person, especially at this age. Having a counselor or therapist should be more widely recognized and respected. 

This mental illness has impacted many teens and will continue to do so. Teens often end up dealing with these struggles alone because they’re afraid of the backlash that may come from close friends and family. Dealing with things like depression and anxiety in high school, without the proper help, can be detrimental to a person’s future mental health and ability to cope with it in the adult years.

“It can cause major damage in the long run. Trust issues, isolating yourself from others, having no motivation to do things, and not wanting to do the activities you normally do, are some damages from this,” says Veenhuis. These problems can occur when no one is willing to help the person in need, of course, this isn’t the case all the time, though it still can be a side effect. Depression should be taken seriously and when it isn’t, it can be detrimental to one’s mental health, some people may not even believe they suffer from their own diagnosis.

It’s hard to balance fear and the mental load of depression. No person should have to deal with that, not alone. “ I have dealt with this. You don’t want to be a burden or annoy people with your problems. You don’t want them to pity you,” Veenhuis states. No one wants pity and can often lead to not wanting to talk to a person. That’s why going to a therapist or counselor may help.

“ It can be really hard. I finally got a counselor which helped me so much,” Veenhuis said. Getting help could be detrimental and even resolve so much. It may not make everything better right away, but it’s a start.