Why You Should Wear a Mask

Breanna Lurvey, Opinion Editor

Throughout this pandemic there’s a chance that in a public place with many people there are some not wearing their mask. Whereas to some of us it seems like common sense to do so, have we ever asked why or what it actually does for us? 

According to senior Cameron Andrews, “saving more lives, slowing the spread, and being a decent human being” are just a few reasons why wearing a mask is a necessity.  While this is a very simplified version of the science behind it, he isn’t wrong. There’s masks of all types now: bandanas, homemade ones, medical, N94’s, cloth, ones that cover your neck and face, the list can go on. What is it about a mask though that keeps a person safe from contracting the virus?

The answer to that is difficult, masks aren’t worn entirely to keep the person wearing it safe, but those around them as well. Seeing as a lot of the symptoms that go along with Covid can be recognized in a simple cold, it’s difficult for some to know if they need to be tested or not. The virus can also be carried without these symptoms  blatantly displaying themselves, the purpose of a mask is to ensure that if someone unknowingly has the virus that they don’t accidentally spread it to those around them. In the eyes of Andrews, “That person doesn’t care about other people.” This is one of the harsh realities tied within these chaotic times. A community that wears masks is a community that cares about each other. 

If it’s still difficult to believe in the science behind these handy little coverings, then maybe a well known scientist’s opinion may help. Bill Nye the Science Guy appeared on “CBS This Morning” to discuss masks and Covid as a whole, saying, “[it is] literally a matter of life and death.” Not only was Bill Nye making his outlook on the pandemic known on television, but also through his strong social media platform. Using a popular app called TikTok the beloved scientist proved the science behind masks himself by demonstrating blowing out a candle with masks made of different materials, this showed his viewers what kind of mask actually helps and which are more helpless. 

America needs to adjust to the new normal that has been forced into our lives. As times go on these uncomfortable precautions could wear off, yet the severity of them now is something we can’t avoid if we want things back how they were. 


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