America’s Long Road to Recovery

America will have one of the longest paths to recovery from Covid-19 due to the poor handling of the pandemic.


John Hopkins University

A map of America’s Covid cases compared to Canadas.

America’s struggle to keep up with Covid-19, will lead to one of the longest eras of recovery our nation  has ever seen.

This virus will have long term effects on our country. Similar to other viruses, there’s hope that we will soon have a vaccine option to consider to keep us safe. But like other vaccines, even after getting it, we can still be at risk of contracting the virus. This virus will be a persistent threat during our cold and flu seasons to come. “Will America ever recover? That depends on your definition of full recovery,” says Dean Opperman, Principal of Crown of Life School. America will take years to recover, and maybe not even a full recovery at that. Covid has really done a number on America that there’s serious doubts that it will take just a year or two to fix the issues and recover. During this pandemic and even after, America will take years, decades, or maybe even decades to recover. It hit us much harder than other countries, due to our poor handling of the virus when it first popped up close to home. Not only will America as a whole take a long time to recover, but schools and businesses will too. The impact that Covid has had will change the way we see things and the way that we do things. 

“This circumstance will sadly have large adverse effects on our current student body. School leaders and staff have done a tremendous job providing the most effective academic program that they can.This situation has exposed the positive benefits and great need for face-to-face instruction. I take this virus very seriously. I am attempting to do my part to keep others safe. But, I am concerned for the overall social-emotional well-being of our scholars,” Opperman explains. Students and teachers alike will take a while to recover themselves. This is new for all of us, not only will it take schools a while to recover but those attending them as well, it takes a huge chunk out of what students can, and can’t do.

This will impact many people for years to come, making America’s recovery much harder in the long run. America has a long way to go, and some of us may not see a full recovery.

“I pray that Americans do their part to assist the mitigation of the germs. The United States is in an interesting time,” says Opperman. These times are hard, but if we work together as a country we may be able to speed up the process of recovery and walk into a new era of America.