Some Dream About Goals-We Make Em!

Students persevere through canceled sports seasons.

In March of 2020, High School sports in Wisconsin were canceled for the remainder of the winter season as well as spring seasons.

“It was super weird not being able to play soccer. I’ve been playing my whole life so the fact that I didn’t get a season was hard, says high school junior, Avery Winkelman. This shock left Winkleman and many other athletes dumbfounded. Aspects of athletics such as goals, excitement, and pressure were taken from them all in what seemed like seconds.

On March 12 the WIAA had canceled the remainder of the winter sports season. Following, on April 21, 2020, the WIAA also canceled the spring sports season. These cancellations went into effect because the WIAA officials found it to be that players and coaches could not safely follow regulations demanded upon the country by the CDC. The WIAA cared about the health and well being of the players and wanted everyone to stay safe. This struck times of sorrow for all athletes, especially Seniors. Dreams of their final year hung in the air as their seasons were stripped from them. Although initial times felt haunting at the hour, many now look back and know it was all done for their own safety and well being.

Fall sports, however, begin to be reborn. Slowly but surely they made a comeback.“ Practicing at home, kicking around the ball with family. Sometimes getting together with friends and just hanging out or playing games outside,” says high school junior, Adyn Theriault.  Theriault explains she wants to be ready to play when they find out that they play again. Like many, she believes it has been too long since she has been able to play the game that she loves the most. 

“I can’t wait to just be back with my team doing what I love most,” said high school junior Avery Winkelman. As athletes watch sports reboot, they are on edge about finishing what they started last school year. The events that stripped athletes of some of their winter, and all of their spring were unfortunate, yes, but it also sparked a new excitement in this year’s athletes.