The Batman: A Dark, Twisted, Take on the Beloved Caped Crusader

The Batman: A Dark, Twisted, Take on the Beloved Caped Crusader

Wylee Lopez, Staff Writer

On March 4, 2022, one of the most beloved D.C. Universe’s characters was brought to the big screen in a new light in the feature film, The Batman. The film was praised by critics for its seemingly breathtaking and effortless casting, scenery, and story.


Robert Pattinson was cast as orphan Bruce Wayne, who is also Gotham’s vigilante known as Batman. A lot of people were a bit skeptical when it was announced that the former Twilight alum was cast as Bruce Wayne, but his captivating performance proved everyone wrong. Zoë Kravitz was cast as the titular character Selina Kyle/Catwoman, who’s amazing portrayal of this villain was given more of a story in this film. She was given heart and was carried as a virtuous hero instead of a villain, like in other films. Although “The Penguin” was not the main villain in this movie, he was a big piece of the puzzle. Colin Farrell played Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, more commonly known as The Penguin. Farrell was almost unrecognizable as this villain, but gave a profound performance. A surprising last minute character was added to the mix a few minutes before the film had reached its end, which was none other than, The Joker. The Joker was revealed to be portrayed by actor Barry Keoghan, whose well known works include Dunkirk, and most recently, The Eternals. Last, but not least, Paul Dano gave his all to the character of The Riddler. Dano’s tremendous but bone-chilling portrayal gave the iconic character a more unnerving personality and motive behind his intentions. 


The Batman was a 2 hour and 56 minute film, of which every minute of it was enjoyable. As soon as the viewer thought it was going to end, a twist would come about and continue. There were intricate death scenes, car chases and hunts for villains, there was action upon action. No moment was a dull one. The film’s main set storyline was that the city of Gotham is overcome with crime and grief when The Riddler attacks the city’s law enforcement and politicians, and wants to stop the plan of “Renewal” something that Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s father wanted to create before he was sadly murdered. Batman strives to find The Riddler and stop him before he reeks anymore havoc. There was one part that really stood out and made its mark on being a cinematic masterpiece. There was a scene where Batman and his colleague, FBI agent James Gordon were trying to catch The Penguin, after being given a misleading clue by the Riddler. Things were shaken up when it was revealed that Catwoman was also there at the scene, trying to find her friend who had disappeared. Plans were ultimately skewed and things went awry, leading to an enticing car chase between Batman and The Penguin. With beautifully loud, and anticipating music, there were crashes, and flames, and screams. The entire crowd watching this film was simply in awe. 

With the phenomenal casting, fantastic storyline, beautiful special effects and CGI, and amazing script, The Batman is a cinematic masterpiece that you will not want to miss. The Batman is streaming now on HBO Max, so go watch it, with promising comments that you will not be let down.