Summer Crossword


  1. Another name for aquatic center
  2. America’s pastime; MLB sport
  3. What AC stands for; cold air machine
  4. Summer is 1 of 4 of these
  5. Colorful explosions to celebrate July 4th
  6. The seventh month
  7. The eighth month
  8. Sandy place where people can relax
  9. A warm form of energy, high temperatures



  1. A cold dessert served on a cone
  2. Opposite of inside
  3. A projectile filled with liquid to throw at others
  4. Summer ____, where there is no school
  5. Planting plants for enjoyment
  6. Important liquid to keep one hydrated
  7. Holiday celebrated 4 days into the seventh month
  8. What people wear when they go into water
  9. BBQ full name
  10. Big ball of gas in the center of the solar system
  11. The sixth month and the beginning or summer