Blackhawk to Badger

Drew Evans commits to UW Madison


Kaitlyn Burke, Sports Editor

From riding the school bus to Milton, to flying across the country to Ohio, game days are about to get a whole lot different for senior Drew Evans. As he goes from a Blackhawk to a Badger, Evans is ready for his future full of UW Madison football. 

With a passion for football that began at an early age, Evans always had the dream of playing Division One football lingering in the back of his mind. “Playing at Wisconsin has always been a dream of mine, ever since I started watching games on TV in elementary school,” says Evans. 

 What sets him apart from other athletes is his extreme passion and work ethic to follow up the dream. “I always give my full effort in everything I do, and I think that, paired with a time commitment, is really all it takes to achieve any goal. Working hard in the classroom was always a priority for me too, and I think that has helped me as much as anything I’ve done in the weightroom or during practice.” Evans plans to bring his positive attitude and dedication all the way to Camp Randal this fall.

The abundance of support Evans has received from his teammates, coaches, family, and friends is something that has helped him with his journey as well. This support system helped him to feel confident about his abilities and where they were going to take him. 

“Playing at Madison really became a reality for me freshman or sophomore year when it became clear that my coaches and teammates really believed I could do it.” His appreciation for them is so strong, and although his enthusiasm for his future is strong as well, he’s going to miss his community and everything these people  have done for him. “I’m really going to miss my teammates. I can’t really even say how much they helped me and how close I’ve gotten to them.”

Evans’s qualities, such as his hard work, perseverance, and positivity, make him an easy person to idolize. And many should do so. Evans values the people that look up to him and support him, because he knows there’s a lot of them. “I would tell the people that were in the spot I was once in, that giving full effort is the most important thing you can do, no matter what you are doing. Don’t worry about looking dumb or about what other people are doing. And my favorite quote, even if its kinda cheesy is ‘Good enough, isn’t.’”

Fort Atkinson Athletics will miss an athlete like Evans. He’s a leader, hard worker, and awesome teammate. However, as much as his teammates and coaches want to keep him around, they’re all so excited to see what the future has in store for him. They all wish Drew the best of luck as he works toward his new goals of, “earning a scholarship, earning a starting spot, and doing well in all of [his] classes. All the while placing at State in shot put and discus this Spring.”