Rising Tensions, Falling Temperatures

As the weather outside has gotten colder, tensions on the global scale have gotten warmer.


Ukrainian soldiers during winter drills ©NARA & DVIDS Public Domain Archive

Tanner Hartwig, Signal Staff Writer

Ever since the beginning of this year, the US has had more and more troubles with other world powers. For the past 7 months there has been build up on Ukraine’s border. No, not Ukrainian troops, but Russian Forces. Experts are taking this as a sign of Invasion. 


Further, the US and UK have ruptured relations with China, barring their officials from the 2022 Winter Olympics. This is because the People’s Republic is notorious for violating Human Rights. Most recently, they have started mass genocide against the Turkic Uyghr people, a minority in Xinjiang Province.

The 2022 Winter Olympics’ Opening Ceremony in Beijing, China ©Wikimedia Commons

These rising tensions have begun to put a voice in the back of many Americans’ minds. Often, they are wondering, “will this lead to another world war?” 


 Even with military build up, Russia has further stated that it has no intentions to invade. However, Fort Atkinson social studies teacher, Jaysen Yoder, explains, “I think that it is likely.” Yoder goes on to explain that, “Nobody opposed his annexation of Crimea, and I don’t think anybody is going to stop him now.” He goes on to say, “The reactions from NATO countries will happen.” Yoder says, however, that “they won’t be enough to deter Putin.” While this conflict would be deadly, it isn’t likely that the US will declare open war.


Another of Fort Atkinson’s teachers, Todd Carter notes that the US’s decisions will impact future Olympics. He went on to say, “…this is not the first time the US has banned officials or even banned going to the olympics.” Carter explains, with the UK’s decision, that, “[Australia, Canada, NZ] will probably go on board also.” It is likely that relations will sour between China and the US, however, not much is expected to change on a major global scale.


While the Winter Olympics are still approaching, and peace talks still continue, it will be in every Americans’ interest to watch what further develops.