Composed on the Court

The Girls Volleyball Team uses their chemistry and mentality to improve their game.


The team breaks a huddle with head coach Liz Colver during a home game.

Mya Helmick, Staff Writer

After watching the ball drop, junior Kendall Garant and the Fort Atkinson High School Volleyball Team celebrate game point at their sectional finals game in Waterford.

Good chemistry and a strong mentality is a key component of any sports team. Through the course of the 2021 season, these are concepts the Fort Atkinson Girls Volleyball team worked tirelessly to achieve and maintain.


 “This year I feel like we just had to overcome the mental part of the game to really put it all together. Because as soon as we lose our mental positivity, it just all kind of goes downhill from there.” states, senior, Hope Heagney, on challenges the team has faced.


Staying positive is also something the team has been working on continuously this season. Kendall Garant, a junior on varsity, expressed that it was definitely something they improved on this season. Heagney added that holding each other accountable and helping each other out were key factors in maintaining that positive energy. 

Being able to rely on your teammates was also a topic of focus for the volleyball team this season. Garant commented, “We know when times are tough, we just have to trust each other and just have fun like we always have.” She also expressed that the players really connected on and off the court this season, which helped them reach success. They were “more of a team” and were able to find their specialties. Heagney felt that while her skill level didn’t change drastically throughout the season, her mentality and ability to bring the team together improved. 


“We’ve definitely mastered our game and have learned how to connect with each other and pursue games that we knew were going to be tough.” Garant stated.


Throughout the course of the season, the Girls Volleyball team has been able to win some of those tough games. Using their strong mentality and good chemistry, the team was able to produce a winning season, even going on to play in the sectional finals.