Swimmers Making Splashes

Pushing through the water at top speed, freshman Mackenzie Cramlet performs the butterfly in her medley relay.

Pushing through the water at top speed, freshman Mackenzie Cramlet performs the butterfly in her medley relay.

Mya Helmick, Staff Writer

Wearing a red swimsuit, junior Olivia Brock leaps into the water to begin a race against Stoughton.

Athletes are always striving for improvement, constantly looking for another way to better their teams, or themselves. Breaking a personal record is always something to celebrate, but on the Fort Atkinson Girls Swim Team, it seems to happen all the time. 


 “Our team has done so well. I’m so proud of all our girls, and, like, they just keep going and swimming best times, like countless best times and each meet they just get faster and better, and then they become closer, and it’s awesome,” comments sophomore, Rebecca Christ.


The team has found a lot of success this year, with many of its swimmers breaking personal records and becoming better swimmers in general. Olivia Brock, a first year junior, stated that she dropped 10 seconds in her events this season. Mackenzie Cramlet, a freshman swimmer, feels that she has gotten more consistent over the course of this season. Cramlet also dropped from 6:20 on her 500 freestyle swim, to 5:57. Many of the swimmers expressed that they felt the team continued to get “better and better” throughout the season.


“We do things together, we help each other out and we go through so much, because it’s so hard. Swimming is so hard, but we do it all together,” says Brock, commenting on what she believes makes this team successful. 

Many of the swimmers have given their teammates some of the credit with their own personal achievements. Brock claimed that the “family aspect” of the team is a huge part of what makes them special. According to Brock, the coaching staff and her teammates push her to continue to improve. Christ stated, “By the end of practice, even the worst ones, we always end up smiling and laughing with each other and congratulating each other for all our hard work.” Cramlet expressed that the team has become abundantly closer throughout the course of the season. They tend to cheer each other on from the sidelines and the lanelines.


Even in a season full of uncertainty and injury, the swim team has managed to stay consistently competitive. Cramlet stated, “While we’re small, we’re powerful because we’re always doing the best we can. We always get a whole bunch of best times and we’re all just so close that even though we don’t have big numbers, we’re still a great team.”