Marvel Strikes Again

The Rise Of Shang- Chi

Marvel Strikes Again

Josephine Westrick, Staff

The wait is over for another marvelous Marvel masterpiece. Marvel’s newest movie Shang Chi, blew fans away with its message that shows in order to be powerful you must know yourself first.

 “Shang Chi was a beautifully put-together movie that made me feel like I could conquer anything.” states, junior, Martha Moran.

Shang Chi is about a man who didn’t grow up in a normal household as a young boy. He makes his way to San Francisco where he meets his best friend Katy, with whom he valleys cars. Katy is oblivious to the past of Shang Chi, but not for long, for Katy follows Shang Chi on the biggest adventure of his life.

¨I love how Shang Chi does not have to face his fears alone, he is always with his best friend, says Moran. Shang chi has been through a lot in his past, but this film acknowledges that he doesn’t have to face the future alone.

Shang Chi was unlike any other Marvel movie. Out of all of the Marvel movies I have watched this had a different energy to it and showed culture. It went into the culture of Shang Chi’s Chinese family, childhood, and also how it will affect him in the future. 

Shang Chi was a brilliant masterpiece that left me thinking about it for days after. I loved to see the growth of the character, says Cecelia Westrick. The characters in this movie are so sincere and viewers want to learn more about them. Marvel did a phenomenal job on Shang Chi.