Black Widow: A Showcase for Scarlett Johansen

Sisterhood and Spies


Vivian Riggs, Staff

Black Widow has stunned viewers with its cinematic beauty and heartfelt message of resiliency and honor. 

 “Resiliency and honor are the key themes I took away from Black Widow. Natashas perseverance throughout the film, from her childhood to where she is now is inspiring. And the honor brought to certain characters that died in the film is a key theme too,” says Kate Utrie; senior at Jefferson High School, long time Marvel fan. Clearly, the themes of Black Widow shine through in a compelling way. 

Scarlett Johansen took the screen as Black Widow in her first character dedicated film, July 9th, 2021. Walt Disney alone has taken in $125 million in online revenue since the release of Black Widow on Disney plus. Additionally, box office profits reached $380 million. Across all mediums, Black Widow was a massive success. The hype preceding the film and momentum leftover from Avengers Endgame had Marvel fans eager to see the film as soon as possible. To finally uncover Natasha’s secretive past drew viewers to the big screen and Disney Plus. 

“I couldn’t wait to find out what Black Widow’s backstory really entails,” says Lauren Lescohier, junior, one of many members of the Marvel fandom, whose reason for watching Black Widow was to finally discover Natasha’s never heard before dark past. 

Josephine Westrick, senior, shares the following, “Natasha and Yelena have a bond that cannot be broken, which I can relate to with my relationship with my younger sister. I’d take a bullet for her, just as Natasha and Yelena would do anything for the other.” Themes of family and sisterhood bring a wholesome atmosphere to the otherwise action packed, thrilling film. Black Widow achieved the difficult task of providing needed intensity through the daunting endeavors of Natasha and her sister, Yelena, while conveying the strong message of sisterhood and unbreakable bonds. 

Like fans all over the world, Kate Utrie shares her final thoughts on the film saying, “I absolutely love Natasha. She’s been through so much and this film really shows how her past has shaped her.” Scarlett Johansen made Natasha’s character one that made us laugh, cry, and smile.