Fort Atkinson High School Makes a Splash With The Little Mermaid


The cast of The Little Mermaid lines up for a heartwarming picture on the day of their first performance.

Wylee Lopez, Staff Writer

 There is a lot that goes into a production, and after a year of not having a High School Musical, a lot of people are very thrilled to get back on stage, give it their all, and entertain the audience. 

 “It’s a crazy experience to be a part of. It’s like you’re in your own little world. I have looked back on past years that I’ve been in the musicals and it’s like the best things that I have had throughout high school, so it is going to be sad to leave that behind but also I know that I can do not necessarily better, but bigger things.” Says Fort Atkinson High School senior, Abbey Hoffman. She shares her thoughts on how this experience has been as it will be her last performance here at the High School in this year’s production of The Little Mermaid as the leading lady, Ariel.

Due to the pandemic, both people in the middle and high school were not able to perform their musicals for a year which was disappointing for everyone. All of the interviewees were so excited to share their thoughts and input on what has been going on, as well as showing their excitement that they finally are putting on a show.

“Oh my goodness yes! The fact that I actually get to perform a show in front of actual people is going to be so exciting!” said sophomore Alayna Riddell. Riddell was supposed to play Anna in her 8th grade production of Frozen Junior. but sadly could not due to the Coronavirus outbreak. She will now play Mersister Aquata, as well as ensemble characters such as a maid, a princess, a sea creature, and she is also the Ariel understudy.

Senior Carson Heussner shares his experience and says, “I get to hang out with a lot of the crew members pretty much every day, so it’s been a great experience.” This is also Carson’s last production here at the high school, and he is in charge of lighting. Heussner said that it is a very sad experience, as this is the last show he will work on but will go on to work in theater professionally. Along with this being his last show, he also said “This experience has definitely lived up to others, and is probably the one I’ve been most involved with and I think that it is great that we get to put on such an amazing production.”

“I’m so excited!” said Hoffman when asked how it felt to put on a show. The Little Mermaid performances already debuted, and are finished now with astonishing ticket sale numbers to mark the return of Fort Atkinson High School musical productions.