Halloween Kills: A Spook-tacular Experience


Wylee Lopez, Staff Writer

Horror favorite Michael Myers emerges from the fire set in final girl, Laurie Strode’s house.

 When someone asks what your favorite horror movie is, all responses are different, but the most iconic horror franchise I think most people can agree on is Halloween.

“Yes, Halloween is good anytime, it just hits differently during the spooky season.” Says Isabelle Lewis, a sophomore at the Fort Atkinson High School, when asked if Halloween was the best franchise to watch during the month of October. 

A lot of people love horror movies. It’s just something about the suspense people go through when they watch a horror movie. Halloween is a franchise that gets people really excited about the fall, and is truly a classic in the horror genre. Michael Myers is one of the most loved horror movie villains of all time, something about his story makes everyone love his character and the franchise more. Although everyone anticipated the release of the latest addition of the franchise, Halloween Kills, hoping that it would be the final film, it lived up to people’s expectations but may not have been the best out of all the Halloween movies already made.

“It was more gory than the others and I loved it, but there are better movies within the franchise.” Said Lewis, when asked if Halloween Kills was the best. The newest addition was truly enjoyable, but also lacked a sense of story when it started, leaving it unclear when there were  flashbacks in the beginning of the movie.

“I love horror movies, so I don’t need to mentally prepare before I watch one.” said Lewis. Now horror movies are intriguing, but some people are different when it comes to watching them. Some people need to prepare, some do not, but when a person watches a movie within the Halloween franchise they are most likely excited rather than scared because the franchise is truly iconic and a favorite of most horror film buffs.

“It’s worth seeing and I loved it!” Lewis said, noting that everyone that loves horror movies should definitely check out Halloween Kills.