Refreshing the Feed

How Social Media has Changed

Kaitlyn Burke, Sports Editor

What used to be a world of funny cat videos and skateboarding fails, seems to have been abducted to what is now a world full of aggression and exposure. Concepts like ‘cancel culture’, cyber bullying, and exposing people with a platform are all becoming increasingly popular within social media. However, it has also become a place where knowledge can grow. Everyday, people are made more aware of what are now considered serious topics for teens and young adults, like mental health, mental illnesses, suicide prevention, cultural appropriation, and more. 

Cancel culture is a new type of internet troll, determined to “cancel,” or diminish someone’s fame completely for a faulty misstep. Country singer Morgan Wallen has been “canceled” for saying a racial slur, and many tik tok stars have been cancelled for dissing aspects of different cultures.

The root of   these cancellations actually refuses to show much relevance. Most times, videos and photos from years ago are dug up and used to turn people against platform-holders. It’s important to bring these things to light, to bring awareness to who celebrities really are, but is something a person said 5 years ago still relevant? 

“Personally, I don’t like cancel culture,” says junior Bella McKelvey, “I would hate for someone to mosey into my past and ruin my future for something I did a long time ago.”

However, cancel culture has shed a brand new light to many topics that are pertinent to this day and age. Many are now aware that many hairstyles, clothing articles, hair pieces, and dances have the ability of offending different cultures. 

Not only has cancel culture changed social media, but the increasing amount of awareness being spread on mental illnesses, rights, and using your voice, has as well. People often use social media as a way of speaking out on issues they support. Social media users are starting to see a rise in awareness posts scattering their feed. 

“When I look through people’s stories everyday, I see a lot more awareness being brought to mental health and women’s rights,” says McKelvey, “it’s kind of cool. Everytime I open Instagram it’s like I’m learning something new.”

The changes in social media have been drastic over the past few years. It has become an outlet of education for people to be informed on what is now deemed appropriate, and it has become a very convenient way for people, especially teenagers, to stay caught up in the ever changing social norms.