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Frostie Freeze Opens for the 2021 Season

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Frostie Freeze, a popular Fort Atkinson attraction, opened for the season this year on  March 1, 2021, starting out with one of their most popular “flavor of the day” Blue moon. Frostie Freeze was originally opened on June 10, 1983, starting out with only six employees and one drive-thru window. Today they have 23 employees and continue to grow every day, serving their customers through two walk-up windows, and two drive-thru windows maximizing their ability to serve guests as efficiently as possible. 

Frostie Freeze has always been a place that everyone can’t get enough of. While the ice cream tastes great, it’s not the only thing bringing customers back. The nostalgia of those pink shirts & khaki pants/shorts, the employees remembering each order- instead of using computers, and the antique-pink cash registers are just a few key components that make Frostie Freeze a treasured part of the Fort Atkinson community. While some things remain the same, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced some changes to a local favorite. 

In times of the pandemic, Frostie Freeze has taken precautions to help protect their employees as well as their customers. “There’s too many to list,” said Brianne Brandenburg, owner of Frostie Freeze. “Some of them include additional cleaning and sanitizing procedures, wearing masks, single-use gloves, temp checks, and our picnic tables are still not out.” Even with some negative social media comments made last year, Frostie Freeze does everything they can to keep their customers as safe as possible. Brandenburg believes that “Social media is tough…I like it because it’s a free platform that can reach a lot of people, but the downside is that people can also have a lot to say, and a lot of times the negativity really comes out online.”

Another challenge that Frostie Freeze faces, is getting in products and ingredients. “This year and last year have both been tough, although things seem to be getting back to normal the supply chain is still backed up. I hate running out of items, so I’ve expanded the places that I buy from to try to prevent this from happening. Despite my best efforts, we were still out of Jolly Ranchers for almost a month (but we have them back now!).” Says Brandenburg. 

While the pandemic has taken its toll on local businesses, Frostie Freeze remains strong in the game, taking care of their customers and thinking of new ways to bring people back. Brianne is also excited to announce that a new flavor is going to be making an appearance this May! Make some time this summer (if you haven’t already) to get some great ice cream at this amazing small business!

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