Nate Daniels

Hidden Beneath the Surface

E-Sports Club and Their Surprisingly Talented Individuals

Hidden beneath the publicity and popularity of Fort Atkinson High School Athletics, lies a talented group who reveals their cultivating video game skills. The passion of video games is one that lies in many, but few are truly aware of the availability of the E-sports club; a club at Fort High School that allows people to share their love and skill for video gaming while competing at the same time. E-sports club hopes to keep giving high schoolers the opportunity to put their love for video games to use while gaining recognition simultaneously.

Esports members practicing before their competition.

E-Sports club competes against schools all over Wisconsin in a variety of different computer games including Rocket League, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Overwatch, and Smite. The team consists of 14 gamers, some being starters, and the others subs for when the starters are absent. Like most activities, the members of the E-Sports club are very passionate about video games. This makes for convenience; the case being that many make playing these games that are played in the competition, their hobbies. So, outside of meetings, the amount of practice these members are getting on these games makes for a successful outcome. Which, this group has proved, is most definitely the case. 

The Super Smash Brothers team took Division Two State Champions this year! The team did great this year,” says head coach Nate Daniels. This championship title left the team on cloud 9. It was a reward that showed for their extreme hard work and dedication. Not only did their championship win serve as motivation for them to return to that position in upcoming seasons, but it would also hopefully serve as a source of publicity. When Daniels is asked what the main thing he wishes the student body at Fort High School knew about this talented team, he responds with, “That we are here! We are still pretty new as this is our second year competing now.” 

Not only is this club successful and extremely talented, but it also has an abundance of bonus attributes. “There are great college scholarship opportunities. We have had a few students receive scholarships to play competitively in college,” says Daniels. One of the most important things for all high school students is finding ways to assist their future academic plans. One of the big ways students can do this is by earning scholarships to help them pay for their post-secondary education. An efficient way for them to do this is by joining the E-Sports club. And with a record like theirs, it wouldn’t by any means be difficult to get noticed. 

It is the E-Sports club that holds great hope for its growing popularity in the near future. For a group so talented to be surpassed by their peers is a challenge they have faced for two years now. However, if they continue to show resilience in the form of winning, their numbers should soon expand. With the records the E-Sports club shows, it will be exciting to see how the team performs next school year. 

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