St. Paul’s Easter Egg Hunt

St. Paul’s Church hosted an Easter egg hunt on April 3rd of this year.

St. Pauls Easter Egg Hunt

Katrina Duncan, Staff Writer

Even with how chaotic events have been this year, St. Paul’s was still able to host an Easter egg hunt for the community on April 3rd,2021.


We just started the Easter egg hunt this year but we are very likely to continue it on an annual basis,” says Pastor at St. Paul’s Church, David Ernest. St. Paul’s has just started hosting this Easter egg hunt, but it will most likely become annual due to amazing community turnout.


St. Paul’s hosted an Easter egg hunt to bring the community together after a rough year. The easter egg hunt was outside, but if it was based inside, the Pastor said they would have had social distancing protocols in place for the hunt if it had to take place  inside.


“We were hoping to connect people to the joy of Easter and give them something to do outside. We were able to hold the entire event outside.  If we were to do an event indoors, we have plenty of spaces to socially distance (in both the school and the church) and health protocols will be followed,” says Pastor Ernest. The hunt was quite large, but even with it being as large as it was, social distancing protocols were still applied as if the event was indoors.


“We had a good turnout for the first year we did it, around 100 individuals that collected eggs.  There were more when you include all those who were helping kids and those that came to watch.  There weren’t many other options for egg hunts this year so that helped our attendance,” states Pastor Ernest. The turnout was quite large, and it was a much needed break from the chaos of the world.


“We definitely had community involvement in the egg hunt.  We received many compliments and thanks for putting it on.  We were hoping to connect people to the joy of Easter and give them something to do outside,” shares pastor David Ernest. The community hopes to continue doing this Easter egg hunt for the next years to come.