Back In Full Swing

The Fort Atkinson Boys Tennis Team started their season strong after a year off.

Angela Unate, Staff Writer

The Fort Atkinson Blackhawk seniors pose for a picture at their home courts

After two years, the Fort Atkinson Boys’ Tennis Team is returning to the courts. 

With COVID at its peak in the spring of 2020, the boys’ tennis team lost the chance to compete last season.  As a result, both the freshman and sophomore classes are new to high school tennis. 

“Not playing last year definitely will impact this season, as we will have two grade levels of players that have not taken part in a competitive way,” says senior and team captain, Jackson Fenner.  Additionally, the team’s start date was delayed a month allowing time for all the fall sports to have a season.  

Despite these setbacks, the team persevered. Fenner led offseason open courts to prepare the team for the 2021 tennis season.  “The main goals this season are to be competitive against other schools and to continue to improve day after day,” says Fenner, and that’s just what the team did.  In their first dual of the season, the Blackhawks defeated the Monroe Cheesemakers 5-2, paving the way for success later on.  Head coach, Michael DeRubeis, elaborates on the team’s success so far this season saying, ¨Winning is an important and enjoyable concept in any sport.  It is the reward for putting in the time, energy, and effort into an activity or game that players are passionate about.” However, he also describes how winning isn’t everything.  The process of learning and developing as players and teammates plays an important part in the boys’ tennis team and their core values.  

Only being a few weeks into the season, it is hard to judge where the Blackhawks will end up.  Although, there is a strong dedication to the team by all the players and coaches that is sure to bring future success.